Saturday, March 27, 2010


I am having keeping up on how many days we have been here, much less what day and date it is!!! Grand is sleeping and I am enjoying hearing him snore:)
This week has been wonderful, yet crazy....I would say the boys had a great week, and I have to say I am so thankful the Lindsley's were here to help out!! Courtesy of Steve Fogle, and the Lindsley's, they got to go to the Zoo, River Walk, Sea World, and Two Spurs games...vs. Lakers on Wed. and Cavs on Fri....we went as a family Friday night, and I have to say that was exciting!!! Minus the fact that my camera died and I didn't get but a couple of pics on my cell phone that didn't turn out that great:( BUT, that memory is sketched in my brain...wish I could share that with you....Grand was exhausted, but REALLY enjoyed his time!! We stayed in a private room to watch the game while the boys were almost court side in private seating....Grand can't be around a lot of noise so that worked out perfect...but you can't beat the experience of just being there!!

The first night home took adjusting to, he didn't sleep at all, and then we had to get up Friday and GO, GO, GO....I thought it was a bit much for his first day out, but we will get the hang of is going to go full speed starting Monday. Thankfully we are right next door to his rehab center...CFI....Center For the Intrepid...His occupational therapist Jim will work with him everyday on daily living- driving, how to get around, adjust to life without legs..etc. and his PT will get him in shape and ready for prosthetics...CFI takes the guys on outings like fishing, movies, skiing..YES skiing:) and surfing...and a lot more. This place is should google it and see what is all about!! Grand is ready to get the healing process started!!

Day by day this man continues to amaze me.....I know on caring bridge it was shared about his testimony the other day...but all I can say is that I wish I had the faith this man has!!! When he asked me to sing, "It is Well" and he sang with me...jaws shut, tears filling up his eyes, and singing with all his heart, that was a moment with him I will never forget! After we were finished singing, that is when he said, " At first, I thought, we should just go blow the people who did this to me up, but then I felt that was wrong...because God could have done that to us...but he sent Jesus, he came and did everything he could for us, and we tortured and killed him, we stuck a sword in his side, and a crown of thorns on his head, and he suffocated and died for us....if I had to do this all over again, I would, if it meant I could save one person...if I could help one person come to know God!".......
Thank you Father, for this precious man!!!


  1. Wow, that sounds like things are really humming along. I'm glad to hear y'all had a good outing. Yes, it's tiring but good to be out and about...

    Continued hugs and prayers from Nashville for y'all.

    And, yes, I can tell you were blessed with one special guy!


  2. God is Good! So glad to read that miracles are taking place in all your lives.

  3. Hey Girl,
    What a time last week we had with the boys and getting to see you two again. Legrand looks so good and to hear him talk to and inspire Jacy was humbling to see. We're so blessed to have your family in our life. You are such an inspiration to watch when times are at their toughest, you lean your hardest on our Father for peace and wisdom. You know we've had some times but never the faith that you show now. God is Good and He will honor those who are faithful. I know your tired but thank you for your faithfulness to both G and our Father... We love you and cherish the time we have with you and your family... Love, Rick and Diane