Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 31

Today was a good day...mellow towards the end, but the beginning of the day is always crazy!! I get to the hospital now around 7:45 am so I can order Grands breakfast...he is feeding himself, and opening up his drinks...each day his strength grows more and more, but his right side is really weak from the impact he had. He is right handed so he is using his left side more, but he will regain his strength back on that side. Speech comes in, , four different docs come in, PT comes in....Grand does not have a moments peace for the beginning of the day...but he handles it really well!! When PT came today, they put him in his chair and let him roll around...then they asked him if he was finished after SEVERAL laps around the halls, and he wanted to keep going until it wore him out!
His Occupational Therapist said that a lot of guys in this situation get really angry, and I can see how easily they would because you can't just get up and go and live your normal life right away.... but he loved Grands attitude and said that he can't wait to work with him, and asked if he could put Grand on his prayer chain at his Church!!! LOVE IT!!!

His Doctors even think that Grand will be a great Mentor to others like himself....and I have to agree!! He is a living example of letting Gods light shine in him!!

Now I am packing up my hotel room to get ready for my move to the Fisher is like the Ronald McDonald house....we can stay there for a longer period of will be an adjustment and a blessing to be living close to others who are going through the same things we are!! I am thinking by the time the boys get here next Friday, Grand will be out of the in awe over that!!
I am not great at asking for prayers, especially when I know most of you are praying already.....but please pray that this transition goes well...this is a big move coming up, and I know that God has already provided me with so much strength.....but I need that strength to continue on! I know life is going to change drastically again...and I want to be strong when having the privilege of taking care of my husband, and the wisdom to always do what is best for him!! Also please pray that I get some rest...I am so restless at night when I am not up there with him, and that will change soon, but until then...I need sleep, just ask the nurses:)
Thank you all so much, again...the cards, messages and special treats keep flooding in, and we are so blessed that you love us to think of us STILL!!!


  1. Hugs, continued thoughts and prayers... would it be out of line to ask the docs for a little something to help you sleep? I'm not sure of military hospital protocol. or could you talk to your physician at home?

    Sleep is so important and it really restores your body from stress...

    Just me being mother hen.... HUGS!!!!

  2. {{{Hugs}}} God has already blessed you with strength beyond your everyday self. What a blessing you and your husband will be to those around you.

    God Bless.

  3. So incredibly awed by your story EVERY DAY. Find myself having to pick my jaw up off the floor!

    Many more prayers for you and your guys