Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 27-28

Well, we didn't go down hill, we moved a little up, and stayed the same these past two days!! We had an amazing nurse named Heidi...she was encouraging, prayed for Grand, and even read him scripture today....he loved that:)
He has been really tired because his blood count is low, but he is eating more!! We kind of have to force him to eat most times, but that is just because he is so tired!! One thing he is doing a lot more of is TALKING:))
They are ready to move Grand to a step down unit, which is so bittersweet...I have bonded with most of the nurses, and one nurse told me today, we are like family to them, because no one ever gets to stay in ICU that long!! I am really going to miss them, but rejoice in the fact we are progressing. Again I will tell you that so many people call it a miracle that he is recovering so fast, I cannot even believe how fast he has recovered myself!!
So I ask...please do not quit praying for him...right now there are still head trauma issues (memory), Phantom pain, the loss of his friends....he even asked if the Afghanies he knew there were okay....and the sadness I believe he is experiencing....I do have to say though...that this list is small compared to what it was in the beginning, and I am SO, SO grateful for that!!

One last thing....this is hard on a lot of people, and my life gets so wrapped up in day to day caring for Grand, but I am noticing every day that it gets harder and harder for Noah and Nathan!! If you know them, they may not show it to well, but I hear it in their sweet voices each day.......I am so blessed and thankful for my Mom who left EVERYTHING in one day and came to stay with those boys so they could have the comfort of their own home...what would I do without her...Those boys are in good hands, but they are really hurting, and I am missing them more and more each day!! Please continue to pray for them, and that they can hold on for just a few more months until we can be together again!!!


  1. Carrie, Noah and Nathan are always included in our prayers. God is so wonderful in blessing Grands recovery, filling you with strength, and giving your boys patience as they go through this time without Mom and Dad. Love you all so much. Nancy

  2. Carrie, You can count on the prayers. A good transition... As for sleep, you might try melatonin which is our natural sleep hormone. 5 mg would be a good start dose...and it does not ever leave you feeling drowsy or drugged. I love you so much. Jeannie