Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 1 of recovery

Well what can I say.....
This has obviously been a very crazy week because I have not had a moment to write, talk, NOTHING:) They do not play around here....the moment you step out of the hospital you better be ready to recover!! :))
Grand is doing amazing....sleep is a bit of an issue, even with taking ambien, but this is all new so it takes time. He is loving being at the Fisher house and not being awaken every four hours for vitals and meds:) and he loves being more independent. We have started making friends around here, and I love to see the shock on their faces when I tell them this happened in Feb, and here he is!!!! We give that glory to God!!!

I struggle sometimes with the constant, "This is a long road, oh he is going to go through a depression, you may struggle in your marriage, etc.etc.etc." Do you people not know the GOD we know, love, and serve???? Because we do not know what tomorrow will bring, we do not know Gods plan for recovery, but I can tell you this.......IF Legrand gets depressed....God will get him thru it, if we do struggle, GOD WILL get us thru it, and if it is a long road...GOD will CARRY us on it!!! My new friend Alice told me to tell them, "SATAN IS A LIAR!!!!" I say, "AMEN" to that!!
Grand still amazes me with his attitude and appreciation to ABBA everyday....if that time comes, which I see Satan testing the waters...we will be armed and ready, because Grand (we) didn't go thru this to give up now, he lived for a reason and he knows that, he lived to help bring as many as possible to Christ.......Looking back, I see how God in so many ways prepared us for this battle, and thank you Father, thank you so much for that!! I cannot help but to be so overwhelmed on this Easter day of the sacrifice Jesus made for us, and we go on in life like this one day is special...NO, EVERYDAY we should celebrate the fact that he lived, died, arose and is coming back for us...EVERYDAY!!! I want to live everyday in Praise and Thanksgiving for what he has done....and what he has done in me!!!
I know I have not lived my whole life as an example of who God is, but I can't help but feel so responsible now to make sure that Jesus be seen in my life!!!


  1. You are SO right, Carrie! I know the doctors want to "prepare" you for what could happen BUT sometimes they don't understand what an awesome God we serve! Rick and I continue to hold you guys up in prayer and we are so excited to see what this new chapter in your lives will do to convert others to Christ. I know you all have made an impact on so many people, and we feel like active participants, cheering you on as you strive for the goal of giving God ALL the glory! We admire you both so much and give thanks to our Father for allowing us to participate in your lives! Love you!

  2. Yes, God is Good, ALL THE TIME! Rejoicing with you and I know your faith is stronger then what is ahead of you.

  3. I'm a stranger and fellow military spouse who has been following your story (which I read about on another blog), and I'm so glad for you that you can call your updates "Recovery" now! I understand why everyone feels the need to prepare you for all that...It's similar to what they do for all of us when the guys are coming home from combat. But you are so right: God is good, and love is strong. My husband came home two deployments ago with PTSD problems, but going through all of it has made our marriage stronger, not weaker. He's in Afghanistan again right now, and who knows what will happen next? But, like you, I know God will be there for whatever it is. Prayers and blessings to you and your family!