Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 46

The last blog was a test...to see if it would work!!!
I want to write and tell you about the past week and a half....I have to say my birthday was wonderful last Tuesday, and I was OVERWHELMED with gifts, cards, and sweet messages!! Memorial Drive, you OVER did it..(Marcy:) A group of sweet girls (I don't even know, but one of them) showed up and gave me a birthday party...!!! Then the Kendall's came to celebrate that evening, and brought us ZIO'S..yum!! Thank you everyone for making my birthday so wonderful..the best gift was Grand being alive and better!!!

Thursday was Grands surgery....that was rough!! It was a set back for sure, and the days and nights were long, with no sleep, food, discomfort, and pain! A side of us came out that we had not yet seen...it was a side that I know neither one of us wanted to feel, but I knew at some point, Satan would really try to bring us down....I realized, the lack of both of us not having sleep, the maximum anesthesia for Grand, no food, and pain can cause some crankiness....no food alone for Grand can do that:)....no sleep for ME, will definitely do that! I am sure you could hear the desperation in my voice when I asked for prayers!!!

The boys arrived Friday around 2, and it was a WONDERFUL reunion for us...Grand was in no shape to be excited...he was the whole week leading up to their visit, but the surgery kind of put that on hold!! Last night was the first night he started coming around, and by this morning when I walked in, he was back to his old self!!! I couldn't do anything but Thank GOD throughout the day for being able to see him, drinking his "food", cracking jokes, seeing him thank GOD over and over for blessing him, and loving on those boys!!!
Noah and Nathan were VERY excited to see him happy!!

We have been overwhelmed and blessed with many visitors the past couple of weeks!!! This past weekend our friends, Deb, Jonah, Eli, Laura, Russell, The Lindsley's, and Jacy J, visited...The Lindsley's, Jacy and Raymond's are actually here this week, and it has been great!!
Hopefully we will be out by Thursday:))) and we would love more visitors! Although life has been really busy each day..it is always nice to see "friendly" faces!!

Your prayers help get us through day by day....through the good and the bad....God is ALWAYS good, and I am so thankful you all get to share in this journey with us!! I couldn't do this daily without God, and I couldn't do this daily without my family and brothers and sisters in Christ!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!


  1. I continue to pray for y'all. Sending hugs and love from Nashville, TN.

  2. Carrie, it's so good to hear the smile in your words! Glad things are going better. I wish we could get down there to visit you! I just want to give you and Grand a big ol' hug!!! Still praying/praising daily for progress in Grand's health and I am AMAZED at his faith and the number of lives he has affected by his (and your) faith! Love you guys!