Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 24

WHOOOOHOO to day 24....
When I arrived early this morning, I walked in the room and Grand was sitting up (with assistance from the bed of course:) and had his eyes wide open, and NO FEEDING TUBE!!! Anne, my favorite night nurse told me that he had pulled it out at around 3 that morning, and that was that...she fed him applesauce, and he gulped down a cup of water or 2...he was talking clearly, and giving orders:)) He has been asking for soda everyday for the past week so finally Holly went and got him one of her Dr. Peppers out and he drank half of that...and then took a few bites of pureed turkey:( mashed potatoes, and pureed green beans:(.....he is off to a good start regarding food....the trachea came out too!!!!!
As the day went by, Grand told me and Major Sturm (his day nurse, and friend:) that he was having Phantom leg syndrome....we looked at each other like, "how does he know he has this".....Grand was really listening in his sleep!!! We have to ask him everyday where he is, who we are, etc. because of the brain injury...but we asked him again today if he remembered what happened, and he said, "I got shot or something.." We told him some of what happened and then he asked who was with him...we told him we would talk about that later and he was okay with that! I told him God loves him and saved him for a reason and he said, "I know!!"
He really came alive today and everyone that came in to see him from Doctors, nurses, therapist...EVERYONE was amazed by what they saw....
That Phantom pain really is bothering him right now so please keep that in your prayers....your prayers are carrying us right to the Throne Room, and I thank you with all my heart that you love him that much to pray day and night.....God is good...ALL the time!!!


  1. I'm so excited for the progress! How awesome.

  2.!! Carrie how can you contain yourself! This is awesome, God is awesome! I am still praying for you and Legrand whenever I wake at night or think of you during the day (which is often!). And now I have that song stuck in my head...God is good, all the time!!! Love you!

  3. Carrie, thank you so much for keeping us updated. You guys are in my prayers every day. It is so encouraging to hear about all the improvements and how fast Grand is gaining ground. I am confident God has great things in store for both of you and I look forward to hearing all about it. Tell Grand I said hi and I'm looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

  4. What an awsome event. How exciting!! Now you can tell Grand just how Grand his contribution is in the Kingdom. Really getting thousands to pray who might not except for this is such a blessing to the Kingdom. And I am really excited for you also Carie. and Noah, and Nathan!!!

  5. Carrie,

    This is GREAT news! So glad to hear of his progress. I know it is a long road, but we will celebrate the good days along the way!

    I hope to get to see you in a few weeks. I plan to go to San Antonio toward the end of March and will get in touch with you. Would love to hug your neck and meet this man of yours!

    Praying for you ALL!