Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grand is continuing to do well with Physical therapy, they were supposed to cast him last week for stubbies but Kirk his Prosthetic maker:) is a busy Monday it is for sure!! Then stubbies a week later....and then WALKING:)))) CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? I actually can after all the miracles I have seen..but at the same time, it is incredible!!
I was wrong about his eye surgery, we go in for the consult this month but I am not sure when they will actually do it. I am hoping they do it after they put his "plastic prosthesis" skull back in! That surgery will be in August!!
FYI, in case you didn't know, WE:) will be home in Arkansas for 30 days in July. His Doc has already approved it and all we have to do now is put the paperwork thru with his company and we will be good to go:))) I think it will be good therapy for him to be in his own home, with friends and family around us...we cannot wait!!!
Then after 30 days home, we will move to San Antonio and live in our new friends, the Parkers, home for as long as therapy and recovery last! (We will live 5 min. from Sea World) just in case we need to bribe anyone to come visit us:))))

This past week has been a blessing with two visits from two of Grands friends/brothers from the 82nd who are still in Afghanistan and home for R&R. It was really nice that they both traveled here to see Grand....We also are getting to meet a lot of his Commanders from Fort Bragg and 82nd Airborne retirees who make it a point to come see Grand while they are here! He lights up when he see's people from the 82nd!!
Grand was also asked by his Platoon SSG here to speak at an Army convention on May 18! This is a biggie, so I will let you know how it all turns out!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of our friends who came out and supported us last weekend at Memorial Drive CofC to honor Legrand. The money that was raised is great, BUT, the people who came out in his honor was the BEST!!! We wish we could have been there to hug everyone and say THANK YOU for all your love and support...please know that we will never forget ALL the love that everyone has shown us.......I don't have enough "Thank You" cards to mail out yet....but when I get a chance I will!!!

I am glad I do not have much to report, except life is good right now, and it will be better when the boys get here the first of June:)) Please continue to pray for Grand....especially for God to keep shining that light in him for everyone to see. We keep hearing, "well, eventually he is going to get depressed.." As long as he has Abba, Grand will be fine....but the love and prayers that surround him are such a wonderful addition to the Faith that he has!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have to say after being here almost 3 months, this all feels like second nature to me! Nothing feels normal though because our boys are not here, but they will be soon:) It was nice getting to go home and spend quality time with was hard to leave, but I know by the time they get here, Grand will be so much better and hopefully time will fly by and we can get back home to be near our family and friends!!!
I will admit, San Antonio is growing on me....people here are REALLY friendly and they take good care of us. We have been blessed to meet so many kind people, and people who really care about their Military community!!

Grand was asked to speak to a group of people at the CFI today, it was a large crowd and I was nervous for him..I didn't get to be in there:( but I am sure he did great!! The lady asked him to speak because she said he is, "Inspiring:)" He is very inspiring to me too!!!

The prosthetics guy measured Grand already and will cast him next week for his prosthesis....he will start out on stubbies which are little legs so he will learn to balance, and then they will grow the more he gets his balance. Then he will get his "Legs"......

We also met with his TBI Doctor yesterday who said Grand at this point with his injuries would still be in the hospital....he is still yet VERY amazed!! All of Grands testing turned out well...and the only thing he really needs to work on is his short term memory, and response time....I don't want to say he is "slow" he is just not to quick at answers as usual...He will get there!!

They are still keeping him busy with appointments and Occupational Therapy, his therapist Jim, has him sitting on a half round balance ball ..and doing art on his easel:)) I have to say it was pretty neat seeing the group of people he just spoke to in the forum come around for a tour in the CFI, and seeing Grand balancing on this ball while doing a pretty good art piece:))

As always, we are still so grateful for the outpouring of love we receive...we still get cards, and really blesses us, and we thank you most for the prayers....look how Abba has brought us through this, and every step of the way he has placed people and things before us we could have never imagined..maybe that was a lack of faith on our part, but going through this has really taught me that, "All things are possible...for those that LOVE the LORD!!"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Forgotten

I have been meaning to write about "The forgotten" for some time forgotten, I mean the men and woman who did not die in battle, but the one's who were injured. Do you know before this happened...I will admit to not knowing much about the Warriors who were injured...On the news they give you the scroll at the bottom of the screen that tells you how many lost their lives....but not the injured! I saw a Dateline once about Walter Reed and the families there in the Fisher House...but it never affected me!

When I got here and saw the blew my mind!!! On top of that, we are not the only Military hospital there is...there are several more...but in my mind, I could never imagine it. What small minded world I was living in....on top of that, thinking that Grand would be fine, and with God in is heart and on his mind daily...nothing bad would happen to him..!!

We are blessed to be in a community that cares for their wounded Soldiers....I barely have to cook a meal because there are thousands of volunteers who take care of us...they have outings, spa days, massages, cooking lessons, movie nights, game nights...etc...Also being here at the Fisher get to make friends, and people who become like family.

On Saturdays, the Northside CofC comes here and cooks a HUGE breakfast...and we have a volunteer named Rita who is 90 and here every Saturday as a house Mom..she has taken Grand in and just loves him!!! She sits outside on the patio and drinks coffee with us, and tells us about all the Soldiers who come through. When the Warriors family leaves and they are left alone, they are moved to the Warrior more family type atmosphere...they go in their rooms, take their pills, and do not socialize...she said a lot of them have taken their own lives over there.

That broke me apart when she told me that.....I don't like ANYONE being lonely..and they have so much to offer here for them to do, and a lot of them take advantage of that, but a lot of them do not know how to deal!!! I see them everyday...we even have some in this house who do not want to come out of their rooms because they cannot deal with the way their life has changed!

So I ask you friends....I ask that you to lift the forgotten one's up in prayer...for them to have peace in their lives...and that they will see God...I see him everyday, and we know him...but a lot of them don't...I don't know what they are feeling, I cannot even comprehend what Grand is feeling, but they need prayers too!! I wish I would have been more aware of this before...but I am grateful that God is now placing a mission in my heart...and I am ready for it!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What week is this??:)

I wanted to keep up with dates, but it is hard keeping up with what time and week day it is:) Plus having a sinus infection doesn't is bad down here in Texas!! The blessing is, we are surrounded by Doctors who don't just care for Grand, but they care for me that is nice!!

Today VP Biden was here to meet the Warriors and unfortunately we had appointments so we missed him. That may not be a big deal to some of you, but to us it would have been really neat. Biden came to the CFI to meet all the wounded Warriors and spent almost two hours there...Grand would have actually been able to speak to him for a while had he been up there, but we had to go to a procedure for his legs!
The VP came up to the hospital after that but then we were headed back to the CFI for more therapy...after I dropped Grand off, I headed back to the hospital and got to stand 5 ft. from him and he spoke to all of us for a second....and of course my camera was in Grands back pack at the CFI!!!! Oh well....they say people come here all the time to visit the Soldiers:)) EVEN DENZEL:))) Trust me....we won't miss that visit:)))

Every other week the Warrior family Support Center sponsors massages for the Warriors, and family members...SO last night, Grand and I went and got a massage!!! I must say...that was REALLY relaxing!!! We are getting out more when people come visit, like his Cousin Petra who came this past weekend and we all went out for dinner, and then our friends Mar and Lee are coming this weekend, and his Sister is coming the weekend after that.....Rest is so important...but so is getting Grand out more!! I think that is such a part of the healing process, it makes him feel some normalcy.
Today his Doctor/Therapist, told Grand he needs to write a book....he also told him that He see's him inspiring people one day....little does he know!!! He already inspires me daily...!!!

Grand had a procedure done on his left leg today....he had known about it for two days and I think it stressed him out a little....anticipating pain, especially when they tell you it is a painful procedure does not help. In fact I know it did bother him knowing because his blood pressure was really HIGH!!! They had to inject "BOTOX" of all things into his leg to help relax the muscles where bones are growing within. This is opposed to having surgery...which we don't want, but it will help the legs get ready for prosthetics!! He got through it fine and hopefully this will work!!

Day by day he is still improving, and the only hard part of this whole process is being away from the boys...but I get to go home for a few days while his Mom comes to stay with Grand. He is working his way to Independence but is not ready to be alone yet...he will get there in no time. They actually encourage him to do almost everything on his own now, but the wife and nurturer in me cannot let go yet:))

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 1 of recovery

Well what can I say.....
This has obviously been a very crazy week because I have not had a moment to write, talk, NOTHING:) They do not play around here....the moment you step out of the hospital you better be ready to recover!! :))
Grand is doing amazing....sleep is a bit of an issue, even with taking ambien, but this is all new so it takes time. He is loving being at the Fisher house and not being awaken every four hours for vitals and meds:) and he loves being more independent. We have started making friends around here, and I love to see the shock on their faces when I tell them this happened in Feb, and here he is!!!! We give that glory to God!!!

I struggle sometimes with the constant, "This is a long road, oh he is going to go through a depression, you may struggle in your marriage, etc.etc.etc." Do you people not know the GOD we know, love, and serve???? Because we do not know what tomorrow will bring, we do not know Gods plan for recovery, but I can tell you this.......IF Legrand gets depressed....God will get him thru it, if we do struggle, GOD WILL get us thru it, and if it is a long road...GOD will CARRY us on it!!! My new friend Alice told me to tell them, "SATAN IS A LIAR!!!!" I say, "AMEN" to that!!
Grand still amazes me with his attitude and appreciation to ABBA everyday....if that time comes, which I see Satan testing the waters...we will be armed and ready, because Grand (we) didn't go thru this to give up now, he lived for a reason and he knows that, he lived to help bring as many as possible to Christ.......Looking back, I see how God in so many ways prepared us for this battle, and thank you Father, thank you so much for that!! I cannot help but to be so overwhelmed on this Easter day of the sacrifice Jesus made for us, and we go on in life like this one day is special...NO, EVERYDAY we should celebrate the fact that he lived, died, arose and is coming back for us...EVERYDAY!!! I want to live everyday in Praise and Thanksgiving for what he has done....and what he has done in me!!!
I know I have not lived my whole life as an example of who God is, but I can't help but feel so responsible now to make sure that Jesus be seen in my life!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I am having keeping up on how many days we have been here, much less what day and date it is!!! Grand is sleeping and I am enjoying hearing him snore:)
This week has been wonderful, yet crazy....I would say the boys had a great week, and I have to say I am so thankful the Lindsley's were here to help out!! Courtesy of Steve Fogle, and the Lindsley's, they got to go to the Zoo, River Walk, Sea World, and Two Spurs games...vs. Lakers on Wed. and Cavs on Fri....we went as a family Friday night, and I have to say that was exciting!!! Minus the fact that my camera died and I didn't get but a couple of pics on my cell phone that didn't turn out that great:( BUT, that memory is sketched in my brain...wish I could share that with you....Grand was exhausted, but REALLY enjoyed his time!! We stayed in a private room to watch the game while the boys were almost court side in private seating....Grand can't be around a lot of noise so that worked out perfect...but you can't beat the experience of just being there!!

The first night home took adjusting to, he didn't sleep at all, and then we had to get up Friday and GO, GO, GO....I thought it was a bit much for his first day out, but we will get the hang of is going to go full speed starting Monday. Thankfully we are right next door to his rehab center...CFI....Center For the Intrepid...His occupational therapist Jim will work with him everyday on daily living- driving, how to get around, adjust to life without legs..etc. and his PT will get him in shape and ready for prosthetics...CFI takes the guys on outings like fishing, movies, skiing..YES skiing:) and surfing...and a lot more. This place is should google it and see what is all about!! Grand is ready to get the healing process started!!

Day by day this man continues to amaze me.....I know on caring bridge it was shared about his testimony the other day...but all I can say is that I wish I had the faith this man has!!! When he asked me to sing, "It is Well" and he sang with me...jaws shut, tears filling up his eyes, and singing with all his heart, that was a moment with him I will never forget! After we were finished singing, that is when he said, " At first, I thought, we should just go blow the people who did this to me up, but then I felt that was wrong...because God could have done that to us...but he sent Jesus, he came and did everything he could for us, and we tortured and killed him, we stuck a sword in his side, and a crown of thorns on his head, and he suffocated and died for us....if I had to do this all over again, I would, if it meant I could save one person...if I could help one person come to know God!".......
Thank you Father, for this precious man!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 46

The last blog was a see if it would work!!!
I want to write and tell you about the past week and a half....I have to say my birthday was wonderful last Tuesday, and I was OVERWHELMED with gifts, cards, and sweet messages!! Memorial Drive, you OVER did it..(Marcy:) A group of sweet girls (I don't even know, but one of them) showed up and gave me a birthday party...!!! Then the Kendall's came to celebrate that evening, and brought us ZIO'S..yum!! Thank you everyone for making my birthday so wonderful..the best gift was Grand being alive and better!!!

Thursday was Grands surgery....that was rough!! It was a set back for sure, and the days and nights were long, with no sleep, food, discomfort, and pain! A side of us came out that we had not yet was a side that I know neither one of us wanted to feel, but I knew at some point, Satan would really try to bring us down....I realized, the lack of both of us not having sleep, the maximum anesthesia for Grand, no food, and pain can cause some food alone for Grand can do that:) sleep for ME, will definitely do that! I am sure you could hear the desperation in my voice when I asked for prayers!!!

The boys arrived Friday around 2, and it was a WONDERFUL reunion for us...Grand was in no shape to be excited...he was the whole week leading up to their visit, but the surgery kind of put that on hold!! Last night was the first night he started coming around, and by this morning when I walked in, he was back to his old self!!! I couldn't do anything but Thank GOD throughout the day for being able to see him, drinking his "food", cracking jokes, seeing him thank GOD over and over for blessing him, and loving on those boys!!!
Noah and Nathan were VERY excited to see him happy!!

We have been overwhelmed and blessed with many visitors the past couple of weeks!!! This past weekend our friends, Deb, Jonah, Eli, Laura, Russell, The Lindsley's, and Jacy J, visited...The Lindsley's, Jacy and Raymond's are actually here this week, and it has been great!!
Hopefully we will be out by Thursday:))) and we would love more visitors! Although life has been really busy each is always nice to see "friendly" faces!!

Your prayers help get us through day by day....through the good and the bad....God is ALWAYS good, and I am so thankful you all get to share in this journey with us!! I couldn't do this daily without God, and I couldn't do this daily without my family and brothers and sisters in Christ!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!