Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 36

Okay...I am WAY behind on updating, but there has been no time at all!! Grand is doing so much better that they wanted to release him TODAY!!! My reaction was not good when I heard the news because we had just gotten back from a little road trip in his power chair over to where we both would be living for a while. We are now staying at the Fisher is almost in the same parking lot as the the time we got here in the power chair, he had to rest because he was so exhausted and is almost in the 80's everyday...we had to take a shuttle back to the hospital because he couldn't make it...One of the reasons he does not have a lot of energy is because he is not eating a lot...he is not eating a lot because his jaw is still not straight, and he has broken teeth, and a missing tooth....which makes it really hard to eat. He gets smoothies, shakes, etc. a lot, but even that has to be forced......BUT, this past weekend was filled with MANY:) special visitors....The Clark's...who brought in one night, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and tons of sweets...the Davies, who brought poppy seed chicken, and sides...and the Leaches who brought, tortellini, chicken and rice, and brownies...and the Grissoms who brought Starbucks.....
Let me tell you...that boy ATE!!! Maybe it is the hospital food that's making him not want to eat :))
The Clark's who drove down from the Dallas area, and Chris who is home from Afghanistan ( for R&R) spent the weekend as a family here....Clark 1, as Grand calls him, helped save Grands life...I am BEYOND grateful for him. He came and shared what happened that day with Grand and I am so thankful he could!!
Joyce, Grands former boss from ODC drove 13 hours on Sat. to spend a total of 3-4 hours with him, then turned around and drove back home on Sunday...Grand felt honored that she would do that!!
We had an eventful weekend, which made it go by really we started today, the Doctors kept saying..he is ready to go "anytime"......then they took Grand for an ENT, and it showed that his jaw really is not lining up and they need to put a plate in. They also may wire his mouth shut again. So the Doctors said he could stay until Friday, the day after the surgery, and since they will not discharge anyone on Friday, we have to wait til Monday....sometimes things don't go as "WE" plan, but I am thankful he will have this time to recuperate some more!!!
I have to tell you..with all that has happened, NEVER once, have I heard Grand complain....NEVER once has he been angry, and NEVER once have I heard him do anything but thank GOD he is alive...everyday I hear him say it. As strong as everyone is saying I am....that man inspires me and it honors me to be strong for him...but HE is the one who is strong!! Abba has great plans for his child....I am blessed to see Gods great work EVERYDAY!!
My Mother in-law is leaving tomorrow, so it will just be me and Grand...he loves having his Mama here and she has been so helpful, but as he is getting ready to leave the hospital, they will only allow one family member to stay. This is where reality hits and the adventure begins!! Can I just tell you...I CAN'T BELIEVE HE HAS ONLY BEEN HERE 36 DAYS, AND HE IS GETTING OUT!!!!! I can believe it, because I witnessed the healing everyday....but sometimes I think how sad it is for it to take a tragedy to see that God does miracles EVERYDAY, not just in cases like this, but in everyday life...we just don't open our eyes to see clearly!! This has really opened my eyes, not just to Gods great love for us, but the fact that he has a plan for us...not always OUR plan..but a plan...his ways are not our ways...right?!!!

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  1. Carrie, thanks for sharing here and letting me follow along with you, Legrand, and your family as you walk these paths the Lord has placed in front of you. I'm moved by the praises to the lord that are expressed and your comment about never feeling closer to Him than you do now (day 20)then today you remind that you are experiencing miracles first hand in front of your eyes, that is so the reminder that He does miracles in everyday life that we may miss...continuing to pray for you, your dear husband, and your 2 boys...blessings today!!