Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have to say after being here almost 3 months, this all feels like second nature to me! Nothing feels normal though because our boys are not here, but they will be soon:) It was nice getting to go home and spend quality time with was hard to leave, but I know by the time they get here, Grand will be so much better and hopefully time will fly by and we can get back home to be near our family and friends!!!
I will admit, San Antonio is growing on me....people here are REALLY friendly and they take good care of us. We have been blessed to meet so many kind people, and people who really care about their Military community!!

Grand was asked to speak to a group of people at the CFI today, it was a large crowd and I was nervous for him..I didn't get to be in there:( but I am sure he did great!! The lady asked him to speak because she said he is, "Inspiring:)" He is very inspiring to me too!!!

The prosthetics guy measured Grand already and will cast him next week for his prosthesis....he will start out on stubbies which are little legs so he will learn to balance, and then they will grow the more he gets his balance. Then he will get his "Legs"......

We also met with his TBI Doctor yesterday who said Grand at this point with his injuries would still be in the hospital....he is still yet VERY amazed!! All of Grands testing turned out well...and the only thing he really needs to work on is his short term memory, and response time....I don't want to say he is "slow" he is just not to quick at answers as usual...He will get there!!

They are still keeping him busy with appointments and Occupational Therapy, his therapist Jim, has him sitting on a half round balance ball ..and doing art on his easel:)) I have to say it was pretty neat seeing the group of people he just spoke to in the forum come around for a tour in the CFI, and seeing Grand balancing on this ball while doing a pretty good art piece:))

As always, we are still so grateful for the outpouring of love we receive...we still get cards, and really blesses us, and we thank you most for the prayers....look how Abba has brought us through this, and every step of the way he has placed people and things before us we could have never imagined..maybe that was a lack of faith on our part, but going through this has really taught me that, "All things are possible...for those that LOVE the LORD!!"

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  1. After reading an article in the Tulsa World about an upcoming fundraiser for Legrand, I started searching for updates. I have missed the Facebook updates that stopped coming after March 10. Praying for you!

    Here is a link to the Tulsa World article.