Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Forgotten

I have been meaning to write about "The forgotten" for some time forgotten, I mean the men and woman who did not die in battle, but the one's who were injured. Do you know before this happened...I will admit to not knowing much about the Warriors who were injured...On the news they give you the scroll at the bottom of the screen that tells you how many lost their lives....but not the injured! I saw a Dateline once about Walter Reed and the families there in the Fisher House...but it never affected me!

When I got here and saw the blew my mind!!! On top of that, we are not the only Military hospital there is...there are several more...but in my mind, I could never imagine it. What small minded world I was living in....on top of that, thinking that Grand would be fine, and with God in is heart and on his mind daily...nothing bad would happen to him..!!

We are blessed to be in a community that cares for their wounded Soldiers....I barely have to cook a meal because there are thousands of volunteers who take care of us...they have outings, spa days, massages, cooking lessons, movie nights, game nights...etc...Also being here at the Fisher get to make friends, and people who become like family.

On Saturdays, the Northside CofC comes here and cooks a HUGE breakfast...and we have a volunteer named Rita who is 90 and here every Saturday as a house Mom..she has taken Grand in and just loves him!!! She sits outside on the patio and drinks coffee with us, and tells us about all the Soldiers who come through. When the Warriors family leaves and they are left alone, they are moved to the Warrior more family type atmosphere...they go in their rooms, take their pills, and do not socialize...she said a lot of them have taken their own lives over there.

That broke me apart when she told me that.....I don't like ANYONE being lonely..and they have so much to offer here for them to do, and a lot of them take advantage of that, but a lot of them do not know how to deal!!! I see them everyday...we even have some in this house who do not want to come out of their rooms because they cannot deal with the way their life has changed!

So I ask you friends....I ask that you to lift the forgotten one's up in prayer...for them to have peace in their lives...and that they will see God...I see him everyday, and we know him...but a lot of them don't...I don't know what they are feeling, I cannot even comprehend what Grand is feeling, but they need prayers too!! I wish I would have been more aware of this before...but I am grateful that God is now placing a mission in my heart...and I am ready for it!!!


  1. Most definitely will keep them in my prayers... Sending hugs via the web.

  2. Praying now for these soldiers who are wounded in body and soul. Thank you for making us aware of them.
    Peace and joy to you and Grand,
    A believer in Oklahoma