Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grand is continuing to do well with Physical therapy, they were supposed to cast him last week for stubbies but Kirk his Prosthetic maker:) is a busy Monday it is for sure!! Then stubbies a week later....and then WALKING:)))) CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? I actually can after all the miracles I have seen..but at the same time, it is incredible!!
I was wrong about his eye surgery, we go in for the consult this month but I am not sure when they will actually do it. I am hoping they do it after they put his "plastic prosthesis" skull back in! That surgery will be in August!!
FYI, in case you didn't know, WE:) will be home in Arkansas for 30 days in July. His Doc has already approved it and all we have to do now is put the paperwork thru with his company and we will be good to go:))) I think it will be good therapy for him to be in his own home, with friends and family around us...we cannot wait!!!
Then after 30 days home, we will move to San Antonio and live in our new friends, the Parkers, home for as long as therapy and recovery last! (We will live 5 min. from Sea World) just in case we need to bribe anyone to come visit us:))))

This past week has been a blessing with two visits from two of Grands friends/brothers from the 82nd who are still in Afghanistan and home for R&R. It was really nice that they both traveled here to see Grand....We also are getting to meet a lot of his Commanders from Fort Bragg and 82nd Airborne retirees who make it a point to come see Grand while they are here! He lights up when he see's people from the 82nd!!
Grand was also asked by his Platoon SSG here to speak at an Army convention on May 18! This is a biggie, so I will let you know how it all turns out!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of our friends who came out and supported us last weekend at Memorial Drive CofC to honor Legrand. The money that was raised is great, BUT, the people who came out in his honor was the BEST!!! We wish we could have been there to hug everyone and say THANK YOU for all your love and support...please know that we will never forget ALL the love that everyone has shown us.......I don't have enough "Thank You" cards to mail out yet....but when I get a chance I will!!!

I am glad I do not have much to report, except life is good right now, and it will be better when the boys get here the first of June:)) Please continue to pray for Grand....especially for God to keep shining that light in him for everyone to see. We keep hearing, "well, eventually he is going to get depressed.." As long as he has Abba, Grand will be fine....but the love and prayers that surround him are such a wonderful addition to the Faith that he has!!!


  1. Carrie, it was so good to read your post! Glad to know things are going well and that the boys will be joining you in June. We are VERY excited to hear you will be closer to us in July! I am so hoping we will get to see you at Memorial some time during your visit. It was very fun getting to see all of the people who know you and Grand at the fundraiser last weekend. Just know we are still praying for Grand's progress and know that God is faithful to hear the prayers of His people. Love you~

  2. Continued thoughts and prayers. Good luck on the speaking engagement next week. That is awesome news about being able to go back to Arkansas. That, my dear, will do wonders for you both!

  3. Carrie, thank you so much for your posts, and all that you and your family has sacrificed. It was so wonderful to thank you in person earlier today, and yet, I know thank you is not enough for all you, LeGrand and the boys have sacrificed for America -- MY FREEDOMS--nor does it cover an iota of what is in my heart for you all. Your second hug spoke volumes to me; I love you and will not stop praying for your family until you tell me to move on! = )

    Humbling does not begin to cover how it felt to be see LeGrand and hear him welcoming and thanking others; he is an inspiration to all who meet him. Look at the faces of the kids surrounding him, they couldn't get close enough to him nor did they want to move away; they were mesmerized and wanted to hear more. I loved that!

    Before you guys arrived, your father in law told me about his service during Vietnam in Cuba. Please thank him again from me. He choked back tears as he talked about how much it bothered LeGrand that his two best buddies died. What a wonderful Dad.
    Mr. Stickland also joked that he would really stand out in front of the white pole so please share the picture and remind him. He is my kind of guy! And, your Mother in law; WOW! what a reserved, all-observing, kind lady. i would love to be able to erase the pain she feels for LeGrand. And, yours too, for that matter.
    What great support you have in Shannon and Marcy. We talked because they were familiar from your pictures on facebook or caring bridge! There's a pretty good picture of Shannon and LeGrand and Marcy is in the crowd in one or two, I believe.
    I shook LeGrand's hand as he was leaving; he looked tired so I didn't hug him. Please thank him again from me and give him a big squeeze. Praying a great night's rest for you all in your own bed. I know it will be hard for him going back for the first time. Laying you all at the Feet of God. Blessings and thank you again and again.
    Love you all,
    Trish Jobe

  4. For some-odd reason, you all entered my heart this week. I hope and pray that all is going well for you, LeGrand, and your family.