Saturday, February 20, 2010


WWW- stands for, Wounded Warrior's Wife....that is basically what I am here!! Grand is a wounded warrior and I am his wife!! Or we go by, OEF...and all of these other names!! I needed to blog, I am trying to journal, but don't have time or energy to write. I am in my hotel room that is located across from the hospital on post. I stayed in Grands room all night and then came back, showered, ate breakfast (yes I am eating now) and am now doing laundry! I can't sleep yet until the clothes are done, and even when they are, I don't know if sleep will come to me! I would like to say I would rather be at the hospital, but Grands nurse says he needs to rest!!! I agree, so I will leave him alone for a few hours, and then I will head back up so he can go back outside and enjoy the weather for a very short but wonderful 30 min.

I have so much to say, and so much to share....some of it will have to wait, but I need to thank so many people for EVERYTHING!!
Most importantly- Thank you all for your prayers!!! I know that our Father hears everyone of them. There are people who said they do not pray, but they are now....if you only knew how much that means to me, but think about how much that means to GOD....that is called FAITH, and I LOVE IT!!!
Thank you all who sent cards....there is a long windowsill in Grands room, and it is holding 50 of the cards we received "can't fit anymore" but we have received at least 200 cards..the nurses said that they have never had a patient with this much love!
Thank you for the gifts, goodies, packages.....that is so kind to think of us in so many different ways, from magazines, survival kits, neck pillows, people bringing us dinner at the hospital!!
Thank you Grace Harbor......for taking care of my family while I am gone....I cannot tell you how much that relieves so much stress, you all didn't sign up for a week, you signed ON for as long as your needed and that means so much to us!!
Thank you Memorial Drive....your videos grabbed my heart seeing your beautiful faces...I almost asked if people could send pictures so I can show Grand, but to hear your voices was so special...he really reacted to the video, what a great idea....and thank you also for calling during worship and singing to do not even know how much that meant to me!!!
Thank you ZARROW family...thank you for all your doing, and have you all!!
Thank you Outdoor Cap.... Your generosity and love towards Grand and our family speaks volumes of the kind of company you are and the people you have working there...we love you!!

Okay this could take a year, so I will continue on the next blog.....there are many more people to my parent's and friends...but to be continued.......

I will close with saying....Never ONCE have I blamed God for this, and I know Grand won't either...This may shock you to hear, but I do not hate the people who did this to him....I feel pity, pity that they do not who our GOD is, and the love they would have if they didn't worship there own God, or let Satan take over their lives!! I feel JOY that God spared Grands life for a reason, and JOY that Satan didn't and WON'T defeat Grand!!! Grand is going to go through a process of loss, the loss of friends, and the loss of his legs, if you don't know him, this is going to bring him down for a minute, but he will make the best of it!! Grand loves working out, he worked out everyday, even over there...he wore his tennis shoes out on the rough terrain...I was just about to mail him a new pair....that loss is devastating, but life will go on, and he will live life in him!!!

Love you all.....


  1. I love that you are doing this! I love your faith and what an inspiration you are to so many! Thank you for sharing and giving us a chance to draw nearer to God through this!
    I love what you say about Legrands attitude. I have no doubt about it. With that attitude, your encouragement and stregth from God there is no doubt he will succeed. You are wonderful. Love you, Stacey

  2. I just have to say that you are awesome! you are being faithfully prayed over. I have blogged for some time regarding Kaleb and you will be amazed at how therapeutic it is and God will reach so many through your you girl!

  3. Carrie...thank you so much for opening up and letting us all be a part of your pain! We love you and our hearts ache for what you ALL are going through. We serve an AMAZING God and His fingerprints are all over this situation! Hang in there...take care of yourself...we love you!
    ~Jennifer Mc

  4. Oh Carrie...thank you for blogging! Facebook is wonderful for little updates, but I was truly wondering if the inside story might be different. Praise God for your faith, strength, joy, love, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness, goodness, and self-control...all listed in the Bible as the fruit of the Spirit! Your fruit is being squeezed and squashed right now, but it is all coming out as yummy Spirit-filled juice to nourish us all! I praise the Abba Father for you...and for Legrand! Love, love and more love being sent your way with all the prayers I can possibly say for you!

  5. What a great outlet for you to release some of these feelings. On base here we see guys with "new" arms and legs all the time, and they are amazing! Many soldiers have artificial "robot" legs under their pants and you wouldn't even know it when you see them walking around, and Tim says he sees guys at the gym all the time missing limbs. So I know Grand will get back to the gym someday. Your attitude through this has been amazing and such an encouragement. As always, here if you need me-

  6. Love this Carrie!!!! Alan and Angie are here through Wednesday, and you and Legrand have come up in conversation multiple times... we love you all so much and continue to pray daily. Your attitude is amazing and I can't wait to read more coming from you. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Blogging helps sort out so many emotions! I hope you find it very helpful for yourself. Thank you for being such an open book to all of us...your faith and strength is amazing. Your family is always in constant prayers all over the world.

  8. Carrie, I am so glad to hear how YOU are doing. I love that you are finding the "pure joy" that makes us complete. I remember learning the meaning of that verse during the days following my brother's brain injury. I pray that in the years to come you can revisit the joy you are feeling now and the beautiful way God works through your blog and through the cards, videos and other encouragement you are receiving. You and Legrand and the boys are in my prayers daily. Love you!

  9. Carrie, I have followed the prayer requests through Memorial Drive to keep up with this journey you are on. I am so glad you are blogging, where you can really share what you are experiencing. I can't tell you how many people are praying for LeGrand and you. I start to tell people your story to ask them to pray and they already have heard and have your family on their prayer list.
    I love you so very much. You have always been an inspiration to me. Billye Lincks

  10. Carrie, I am so glad to hear you started this blog. I want to hear how YOU are doing as well as Grand and I feel this will give you the opportunity to do that. You have been such an example to EVERYONE. I am blessed by knowing you and your sweet family. I have no doubt that Grand will walk through those doors at Memorial or up on stage at the Workshop (like Jason P. dreamed) and will give his testimony. I look forward to the time you all get to come visit us at MD. Until then, just know it is an honor to know you and get to pray for you as you and Grand walk through this journey. I LOVE your spirit and faith! Most of all, I LOVE how God is shaping you through all of this. You are a Daughter of the King and your character is showing through your words and actions! Love, love, love you!
    Linda L

  11. Carrie! Rick's dad here. Teresa and I are faithfully praying for Grand, you, and your family. Including grandma who has sacrificed to care for your children. I praise God you are remaining faithful to Him, and Legrand throughout this time. And continually praise Him for how He is slowly bringing Grand back to us. We are here for you guys. I expect great things to somehow come out of all this. You need anything let Rick know and we'll come a runnin'.

  12. Carrie, you do not know me personally, but I went to school with your mom and dad, and they have been an inspiration to me for many years. There is nothing in this world that can be a better tsetimony than for parents to live a God centered life for their children, so they too can discover what is important in life. It sounds as though they taught you well, as you have shown. It is our prayer that you will continue to draw your strength from Him. He is a great and awesome God, and NOTHING is so great that He can't solve it. We will continue to keep you and your loved ones in our prayers.

  13. Carrie,
    You don't know me, I am just one of the many that has found out about you and your amazing family through the internet.

    Every night and every morning, I hold you, Grand, your boys and the rest of family in my prayers.

    I just know that you are all going to come through this and do amazing things with your lives. Your strength, love of God and Family, I just know we are all going to be seeing and hearing from your amazing family in the future!!

    You are a true HERO and inspiration in every sense of the words.

    May God continue to bless you all and bring you peace.


  14. I can hear your voice when I read your words. It doesn't surprise any of the people who love you that you have had such an outpouring of support. Your family is incredibly special. Legrand is deeply respected--just like you, lovely lady. It was wonderful to see Nathan last week. Hugging him, was like giving you a hug. Both boys have your strength and resolve. James said that he, Nathan, Ari, and Jonah did "normal boy things." Lots of video games and running around. Awesome.

    We continue to pray and keep you in our hearts. May God continue to embrace you in his love. Peace to you and your beautiful family. Cristina SW

  15. Carrie I want you to know
    we are with you all in prayer for as long as it takes . I hope we can someday do something for you . Of course I know prayer IS the best thing to do now . We are here if any help is needed .we love you all ,roni&Dennis

  16. Hi Curlie,

    We are praying for you and Grand. Let us know how the operation went today.God will continue to bless you through all these adversities. Tell Grand that Pete said, "Semper Fi!".

    Dad & Mandi