Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 19

I got to the hospital right when they were getting ready to take Grand outside this morning......when we got out there, I told the nurses I wanted "alone" time with him, they smiled and gladly walked away:)..sometimes they just sit all up in our faces and talk loud, it kind of ruins the moment. Today was beautiful here in San least 73 degrees...when we go outside, Grand has to wear my big girly glasses so the sun won't bother him, I need to get him a hat!!
Later in the day, two very unexpected visitors came to see us...the Grissoms. While right now is not a good time to have visits because of his white blood cell count, and high stats, these two people really blessed us with their presence!! The Grissoms son was serving with Grand..actually is still serving in Afghanistan...he was in the vehicle in front of Grands when the IED went off...he is fine...but his parent's shared with us what happened that day. I will share at another time...I am trying to take it all in right now.
It was really nice to hear of the love those guys have for Grand, and that this family would take the time to drive from Austin to love on us, and let us have insight to that day!! The events of that day have not left my mind...images even surface of that day, and I have not yet looked at the news clips to see the damage....but I am blessed to get to look at the miracle that was left behind!!! He is fighting hard to be here..and my prayer everyday is for God to hold Grand tight, comfort him and surround him with his Holy presence, to heal him completely, and to use him in all the ways I know he has planned....

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  1. I recently found your blog, and reading it brings tears to my eyes. My boyfriend is in the military, so this hits pretty hard. I have such respect for your strength. Your husband and all those who serve with him are heroes to me. I'll be praying for you and your husband. I'll definately be following your blog.