Monday, February 22, 2010 all I have to say for today!! This day started out with taking care of business, and not getting to the hospital until 10am. I am still used to staying the night and leaving around that time to come "take a nap" which I never did, but now I am sleeping, and sleep actually feels kind of good! We (my Mother In-Law) arrived to find we had a new nurse (Mike) and a student doing clinicals (we will call her A) first I wasn't happy because all of our usual nurses were there but we had a new one I would have to drill over and give them the run down of what and what not to do....At this point I have been told by every nurse Grand has had that I am going to end up being a nurse, we will see:) Mike had goals, and I loved his goals for the day.....GET GRAND OUTSIDE!! I instantly liked Mike, but A seemed very careful around me, I found her character to be kind and gentle, but she stared at me A LOT throughout the day, I was to busy with Grand to even mind. Mike's goals were not met, unfortunately, Grand had to have a CT done and it showed he had fluid in both legs and on his brain. Then he had a MRI to get a better look at everything...still waiting results on that.
Later in the day when their 12 hour shift was over, I was talking to A, and asking her about herself, I told her I really liked her because she was gentle with Grand...she told me the reason why........A's husband is on the 4th floor, burn unit, double amputee, and had been there 6 months, he is in the Military and was injured in Afghanistan....and they are stationed in NC. My jaw dropped open, and I felt like ABBA sent me something special...someone to walk with me in person through this journey!!!! I asked her if she is a believer, and she didn't seem sure about it.....I have to say, I am excited to show her the Father I know, she needs faith, hope, and healing!! I ask that you pray for A, and her family too!! They have a 5 year old daughter and they are now living here!!

I have come to see GOD in EVERY step of this journey so far....In the Doctors who prayed over Grand until he arrived here, from the continuous love and support of family, friends, and the Doctors and Nurses who hug me daily and root, and pray for my husband....EVERYDAY God appears to me, even when I have my bad days....and today seemed bad until I met A, and was reminded yet again that God is ALWAYS with us.....

Please pray for Grand tomorrow.....I couldn't bring myself to tell him he was having surgery ....The Dr's. and nurses wore him out today, but we had some special moments...they put a plug in his trachea, so he could talk some, and he said some words, and he even made a funny face when I asked him if he knew who I was:)) of course I was messing with him, and it was nice to see him look at me like he thought I was ridiculous!! He lifted his arm shaking and all to make sure he put his hand on the back of my head and held it there for as long as he could.....I am kind of sad we have to go back into surgery right when he was coming around, but I know he needs it.....I sound kind of silly asking you to keep praying, when I know you already are, but you can pray specifics...that would be nice!!! Pray that they infection, and fluid will be taken care of with this surgery...his blood pressure and heart rate will go down, and that he will not be in a lot of pain!!

Thanks for letting me share, and hopefully I will have way more to share tomorrow....
Love you all!!


  1. Thanks for posting all of that information. I love hearing right from you.
    I'm continually amazed at all of the "God Things" that keep happening.
    Keep filling us in... Tell "A" she has our prayers also. She probably needs to know that.
    Love you. Love Grand...

  2. Praying right now. I love you guys so much! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers and most of all in my heart! I am so proud of you!

    Love and hugs~

  3. Carrie-thank you for sharing...praying for A and thank you for telling us!! I will pray that you NEVER stop looking for God working and the people HE brings to help you along your journey....our God is awesome....oh and so are you my strong sweetie!

  4. You don't know me. My name is GiGi and my family and I are new to Memorial. We have been following you through the prayer net. I am so touched daily by your words and thoughts. Absolutely love how you find God in everything around you. Love that. Your faith is shining so brightly for so many people. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this journey with you. We are praying for all of you daily and we will now be praying for A. Please let her know that she and her family are being lifted up to our Father. I look forward to the day when I will meet you, Grand and your sweet family in person. May God continue to bring you and Grand such peace in knowing that He is always beside you both. His loving arms are around you.

    Many many hugs to you! GiGi

  5. New blog follower, but "old" follower on Facebook. Will send prayers up per your special request and send some up for A. How wonderful that you two have met! That is definitely worth rejoicing about!!!

  6. Carrie, just read your latest post and I WILL be praying for specifics! Will add A to my prayer petitions as well. Isn't that just like God to give you someone who knows EXACTLY what you're going through? I love that about Him! I got to share Grand's story with my doctor and his nurse the day after his attack and they were both so sorry to hear about his condition and very compassionate about how upset I was. When I went back in today for my follow up I was SO excited to share the news of his remarkable recovery so far! They were so happy to hear about the strides he has made and how prayer is such an important part of his recovery. My doc has a son who is an eye surgeon who works at Sam Houston hospital a couple of days/week doing reconstructive surgery on ww like Grand. I thought that was pretty cool. AND he agreed with me how powerful prayer is! I will continue to tell Grand's story to all who will listen, and about how brave you are. I can hardly hold back the tears right now thinking of how much you have endured watching your husband go through this. Praying mightily that God will continue to give you strength, endurance, patience, peace and that "spirit of discernment" to see others around you who are hurting like A. Will be praying for your hero as well; specifically for today's surgery. Love you much! Sending hugs your way...

  7. Dear Sweet Carrie,
    I am Landon Humphrey's Neenee and remember your beautiful voice from worship at Grace Harbor. Jennifer has told me how much Landon loves Legrand for giving him special attention that he wants so much. For those things alone, I have grown to love you and your family. I have kept up with your journey through Caring Bridge and encouraged many people to pray for Legrand and your family. Your blog though has touched my heart and I thank you for your willingness to share your thoughts with so many people who will benefit from them. You are one of the strongest people I have ever known and I know that God is smiling when he looks down on you and Legrand. I pray that you feel the arms of the Lord around you as you go on this difficult journey and know that you continue to be lifted up in prayer always by so many people you do not even know. I can tell you of people praying for you and your family from Amarillo TX, Arlington TX, Anaheim CA, Denver CO, Conway AR, Atkins AR,Knoxville Ar, Coal Hill AR, Nashville TN, New Orleans LA, Shreveport LA,and many from West Side church of Christ in Russellville AR. I want to thank you and Legrand for his service to our country. Without him and others like him, we couldn't be even talking about our prayers openly. We appreciate you beyond words. I will continue to pray and will begin praying for A and her husband that they will become believers and recognize God's work in your life. Sending you a hug. Landon's Neenee