Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 15

Grand went in to surgery and came out just fine....they got what was causing his infection, but he has got to go back in on Monday for another procedure. I came back to my room because our nurse, Anne said that it is creepy when we sit there and stare at him while he is sleeping:)) She is one of my favorites!! I am going to go back around 8 to help the nurses out...it gives me something to do, and I enjoy the friendships I am making!!

One thing about BAMC (the hospital) is, we are not the only one's here in this situation...it is all around us everyday. I don't see as many amputee's, but there are a lot...most of them go to Walter Reed. Most of the Men and Woman injured here are burn victims...some burned with amputee's....you just don't know how many Soldiers are injured until you see it yourself. They don't make it a headline news usually unless someone dies. In our case Legrand survived, and his buddies didn't make it..... When I think about the night they were flying him from Germany, and they didn't tell me what was going on or where he was..I was upset because they didn't go to Walter Reed, or Bethesda which was his destination. I fully see now why the weather was so bad there that weekend.....so we could be here!!! God ALWAYS knows what is best for us...I see that everyday!!

I struggle thinking about the two with Grand who didn't make it....how it must have felt to get that knock on the door late that night....I got a phone call...one I will never forget. I have to tell you, for a few days leading up to this, I had been REALLY emotional...crying everyday...that morning I called my friend Tisha and I couldn't even breathe I was crying so hard...I didn't know what was wrong with me, but I knew something was wrong because I hadn't heard from Grand in days, and I had just had a dream about him the night before....
That evening I was sitting there reading when I got the call....the man on the other end asked if I was Mrs. Strickland..."Yes"...Is this Legrand Strickland's wife, "Yes".....and then I knew....the questions kept coming, and I kept asking, "What is it...what is wrong..."...but more questions to make sure they had the right person.
I will never forget that night....but I am thankful it was a call and not a knock...I can't imagine what those families went through that night, but I have a small glimpse of what it must have felt like. My heart still breaks for them, and I soon will have to tell Grand....so much for him to take in, but he will find peace!!!
This is a journey.....sometimes journey's are good for us....sometimes they are not, but whatever this is, so far we have been blessed!

Love you all!


  1. I'm glad that you are helping as well. It's important that you feel part of his care

    You all are in my thoughts and prayers. While visiting Fayetteville, AR I heard Legrand's story on Channel 5 and it really touched my heart... heavy...We'll may be back up there next month for an extended period.

    In the meantime, I put up a blog entry on my regular and creative blogs this morning to ask people to pray for your husband.

    Find strength in knowing that we are all with you. We're right by y'alls side -- holding your hands and offering the most precious and intimate gifts of them all -- prayer.


  2. Carrie,

    Dear sister, I wanted to share a story I heard at a church I visited this past weekend in Foxlake, IL. The church pastor had just returned from a conference where a missionary couple gave their testimony and were encouraging other pastors. Though it's a praise to know our pastors are being encouraged, the truly amazing part was that this couple were both recent amputees - the husband had lost an arm, the wife a leg. And it happened very recently - their missionary field is Haiti, and the husband and wife were trapped in rubble from the earthquake for 18 hours, which necessitated their respective surgeries.

    What struck me deeply was the fact that this missionary couple still was called to minister despite what the world would consider a life-altering setback. Dear sister, we do not know what the future holds for you and Grand, but perhaps a mission field is opening for you and he to minister to other wounded warriors and their families... only the Lord knows.

    My prayers are with you, Grand, and your boys. May the peace of Christ richly dwell in you.


  3. Thinking of you and Grand this morning and saying prayers for good results today. I can't imagine getting that knock on the door. I dread those phone calls in the middle of the night, always praying it's not one of my kids or the police calling about an accident. Love you and lifting up prayer in word and song for you guys.

  4. god bless you carrie! the CHRIST in you is shining among many! i can remember you singing this lil light of mine i'm going let it shine! just know that the GLORY OF GOD IS SHINING THRU! humbled by your hope! xo joyphil413

  5. Thank you for sharing